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Asian American and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders community

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Cultural Competency

South Asian Community: MySahana

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans [PDF]
by Evelyn Lee, L.C.S.W., Ed.D

C.H.A.I (Counselors Helping Asian/Indians, Inc.)
Baltimore, MD

NAAPIMHA (National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association)
Denver, CO

AAPA (Asian American Psychological Association)
Phoenix, AZ

APIAHF (Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum)
San Francisco, CA

NAWHO (National Asian Women's Health Organization)
San Francisco, CA

Self-Help/Peer Support

Asian American/Pacific Islander Experiences of Self-Help
Star Center Teleconference, September 29, 2004, 3:00 pm EST

Consumer Partnership Platform for Change [PDF]
by NAMI Consumer Council

Annotated Biblography on Consumer-Operated Services
by Sommers, D., Campbell, J., and Rittenhouse, T. (1999)

Emerging New Practices in Organized Peer Support [PDF]
by Jean Campbell, Ph.D. and Judy Leaver, M.A.

10 Keys to Recover from Schizophrenia [PDF]
by the University of California at Los Angeles

Some Factors that May Support Recovery [PDF]
by Sandra G. Bodman, Washington Post (2002)

Words that Can Help [PDF]
by Mary Ellen Copeland & Ed Anthens, Mental Health Recovery Newsletter, (2002)

New Federal Perspective: Recovery, Now! [PDF]
by Kathryn Power & Ronald W. Mandersheid, Ph.D., (2005)

Mental Health Recovery Newsletter Volume 7.2

by the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery, (July 2006)

Major Depressive Episode Among Adults (National Static's)
by SAMHSA Office of Applied Studies

AAM (Asian American Health)
Bethesda, MD

AAPIHIN (Asian & Pacific Islander Health Information Network)
Davis, CA

Culturally Specific Mental Health Resources

The organizations listed below provide culturally appropriate information to respond to the mental health needs of ethnic and minority populations.

AAPCHO (Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations)
Oakland, CA

JCYC (Japanese Community Youth Council)
San Francisco, CA

CPAF (Center for the Pacific Asian Family)
Los Angeles, CA

AHS (Asian Health Services)
Seattle, WA

APAIT (Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team)
Los Angeles, CA

APHCV (Asian Pacific Health Care Venture)
Los Angeles , CA

ACMHS (Asian Community Mental Health Services)
Los Angeles , CA

ACRS (Asian Counseling & Referral Service)
Seattle, WA

NRCAAMH (National Research Center on Asian American Mental Health)
Davis, CA

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What is Cultural Competence?

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