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Recovery and Employment in the Latino Community
STAR Center Teleconference, April 28, 2005, 7 pm ET
a Spanish-language was held April 21, 2005

Download the audio file or read a transcript of the conference call in Spanish.

Download the audio file or read a transcript of the conference call in English.

We discussed frankly some of the difficulties in gaining and keeping employment, as well as strategies, techniques, and resources for overcoming those obstacles. Our speakers -- both consumers and consumer-supporters -- shared their personal experiences, describing the contributions that working has made to continuing recovery, and recommending specific resources and best practices. While the calls offered valuable information to listeners from any cultural background, particular attention was paid to the needs, concerns, and strengths of the Latino Community. After the panelists' presentation, callers had an opportunity to ask questions and offer their perspectives.

Teleconference Speakers:

  • Lupe Morin has served as Family Resource Coordinator/Educator at the Center for Health Care Services in San Antonio, Texas for fourteen years. She has extensive experience in supportive employment, assisting consumers in getting and keeping a good job.
  • Juany Lopez, who now works at the Center for Health Care Services with Lupe Morin, is a consumer who has made the transition to employment as a community services worker. She is also planning to return to college.
  • David Gonzalez is the Coordinator of Support Services for the Mental Health Empowerment Project and the founder of the anti-stigma/anti-abuse website www.cinemaniastigma.com. He also served as Employment Coordinator for the New York Works research project.
  • Ramiro Guevara is Director of the STAR Center, and a nationally recognized leader in recovery and cultural competency.
  • Majose Carrasco, Director of NAMI's Multicultural Action Center, moderated the calls.

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  • The Employment Intervention Demonstration Program
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  • The Job Accommodations Network
    The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is a free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the employability of people with disabilities.
  • Maximizing Your Potential for Employment
    Web version of a powerpoint presentation created for the Mental Health Empowerment Project, Inc., as presented by David Gonzalez & Mariah G. Bishop.
  • Su Familia
    Su Familia is a program of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health. It offers free, reliable and confidential health/mental health information in Spanish and English. Biligual information specialists are also able to access database referrals to local primary health care services for the uninsured/or under-insured. Call toll free Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm EST at (866) 783-2645.
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