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Outreach to Consumers of Color
STAR Center Teleconference, September 19, 2005, 7 pm ET

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This toll-free teleconference call will explore how consumer-run and consumer-supporter organizations can reach out to communities of color in a manner that is culturally appropriate. In addition, we will go over action steps your organization can take to make it more visible to communities of color. We will also discuss some of the language barriers each organization faces, how they are addressed, handled and how you and your organization can approach these same issues.

Teleconference Speakers:

  • Bill Compton is a dedicated consumer advocate and public educator. He serves as the program director for Project Return: The Next Step at the MHA in Los Angeles County, California's largest consumer-run self-help/peer support program, serving 2,000 individuals with serious mental illness. He is president of the California Network of Mental Health Clients and has testified before the California legislature's Joint Commission on Mental Health Reform.
  • Clarissa Netter is director of Helping Other People Through Empowerment, Inc. (HOPE), a drop-in center for homeless persons who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. She has extensive experience in helping consumers obtain access to support and services, and in providing training for key life skills

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