Secrets of Sustainability Leadership Series

STAR Center Virtual Learning Collaborative for Peer Run Organizations in Behavioral Health:

Working with Managed Care Companies Towards Outcomes in Behavioral Health

Learning to work with managed care companies is important to the evolution of peer-run programs and services in behavioral health.

  • As peers, we offer something unique and important to the behavioral health system. Working with managed care can support behavioral health system transformation and promote referrals to peer-run programs as a standard part of care and increase access to our support.

  • Current peer programs working with managed care companies in behavioral health are showing amazing outcomes such as a 48% reduction in re-hospitalization among individuals with two plus hospitalizations in a year.

  • States are involving managed care to pay for the behavioral health services of the Medicaid population often served by peer-operated services.

  • Some states are making managed care organizations responsible for creating grants to support behavioral health peer-run programs in the state.

  • States may reduce the amount of money available so peer-run programs are looking for new sources of revenue.

  • Understanding how and if to work with manage care entities in behavioral health can be an important step in sustainable funding for peer-operated services.

Learn how to work with managed care through a free virtual learning community, one on one coaching and more. The STAR center is seeking applicants for this free nine-month program. At the end of the monthly webinar series, assignments and coaching, participants will have the opportunity to pitch their programs to a virtual panel of managed care executives for feedback and perhaps gain their interest in a partnership.

24 executives of peer-operated services in behavioral health will be selected to participate. Peer leaders who are not executives will also be considered.

Once a month, selected executives will meet with former MCO executive and peer leader, Sue Bergeson, as a group and learn about nine domains of executive practice and readiness for managed care financing in behavioral health. Following each session will be an assignment and a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with Sue to help think through each of the domains and apply it to their individual circumstances and peer-run organizations.

At the conclusion of the Virtual Learning Collaborative, participants will have the opportunity to pitch their proposal to a virtual panel of managed care executives from different companies who can give them feedback and who may be interested in developing a partnership.

Application deadline has been extended to Friday, December 8, 2017.

To download an application click here. Please scan completed document and email to You will receive an email confirmation when your application has been received. 

For more information email Tanya Ryder, STAR Center Project Manager, at