Equity and Inclusion in Leadership


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Equity and Inclusion in Leadership Networking Call

Core Leadership Skills for People of Color in Behavioral Health Leadership Roles: Healing from the Trauma of Social Exclusion

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
2 PM ET/11 AM PT

Facilitator: Celia Brown, Regional Advocacy Specialist at NYS Office of Mental Health

There is a recognized prevalence of  abuse, violence, and adversity in the lives of people with mental health challenges, as well as the cumulative impact of  various traumatic experiences across the life span, including childhood adversity,  abuse (sexual, physical, emotional), interpersonal violence, victimization and social exclusion (Ogle, Rubin, Siegler, 2013). There is also an emerging body of research on trauma, discrimination and social exclusion and their psychological and health implications for persons of color (Bryant-Davis, & Ocampo, 2005). The similarities of the traumatizing effect of discriminatory experiences and other forms of trauma have been highlighted by researchers and clinical practice models are emerging that offer guidance and methods for assessing the impact of traumatic experienced by consumers of mental health services. What are the implications for people of color who experienced such traumatic experiences as we move into leadership roles in behavioral health? What are the core skills we need to practice as current and emerging behavioral health leaders?  

There are many issues faced by people of color that are major stressors impacting our mental health status including the continued disparities in health and mental health outcomes for people of color. Increasing the capacity of leadership in mental health organizations to reach and connect with communities of color is a recognized organizational change strategy. The STAR Center's monthly national networking call for people of color is for anyone who is interested in increasing the number of people in organizational leadership roles who are African-American, Native American/American Indian/Alaskan Native, Latino/Hispanic or Asian/Pacific Islanders.

Our hope is that this opportunity to network and support each other’s leadership efforts across the country and in our target states/regions will make a measurable and remarkable difference towards eliminating the health and mental health disparities we currently experience across the country.
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